So you wanna be a DJ?        

Here's a few questions to help you out.

1.) Are you experienced ?  Not necessary, but it helps.

2.) Minimum music library ( Something between 500 and 1000 songs should work)

3.) Internet connection type and speed. Check here (Minimum   1 mb/s down and 250 kb/s up)

4.) Hours of availability.

5.) Are you willing to work in a team/family environment?

6.) What DJ nick would you like to use??

(Pease bear in mind that our current bot will only recognize "_' or "-" as special characters.

So, instead of "DJ`AwesomeSauce" it would have to be "DJ-AwesomeSauce" or"DJ_AwesomeSauce")



Note: If you are using Windows 8 as your operating system, you may have some trouble getting The Sam Broadcaster to work. The best bet is version 4.2.2

It works for some and not for others.



 We ask that our dj's not work at any other station on the Bondage.Intenational IRC networks. DJ'ing on other networks is fine.

Email your answers along with any questions you might have to: