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Doc is one of the founding members of Rendezvous_Radio!!

He hosts "The Rock 'n' Blues Cafe" on a regular basis


Show opener: Beggars Blues - TNT


andine a.k.a. "The Metal Mama" has been rocking the airways since the humble beginnings of our station!

She runs two feature shows a week, "Seger SIngs" and "Think Pink"


Show Opener: For Those About to Rock - AC/DC


One of our International stars, our very own irish`kate Broadcasts and stars from Ireland!!!

Her "Celtic Touch" programs have truly expanded our cultural boundries!


Just another cranky old man who dj's here...... NinjaProphet

"The Bad Boy" of Rendezvous_Radio!!


The wonderful boundtgrl is one of our veteran djs.

She broadcasts from the heart of the south, the great state of Georgia

Her Classic Rock format has become a fan favorite!!

Show opener: Rock Show - Halestorm


Source hails from Alberta Canada, now a resident of the great state of Tennessee

He is one our overnight-early morning staff!

If you want the latest and the greatest, Source is the guy! (if you can get up that early)



JamesBondage hails from the Sunshine State!

and brings the best of Oldies and Classic Rock!!!!

Show Opener: James Bond Theme (From Dr. No.) - The John Barry Orchestra



The cat woman cometh!!!!

We welcome back the one and only dj-cat!!

cat always puts on a great show!!!



Wolfen hails from the great state of Massachusetts. He's our newest Late-Night guy!!!!

Can't sleep? DJ-Wolfen will keep ya rockin!!!





kiba hails from Leeds England and plays a great mix of tunes!! His music has no problem jumping the big pond!!!




All the way from Merry ole England, we proudly present DJtwilight!!!!!





Do you come from the land down under?? The one and only DJ-Kris does!!

Join her as she rocks the planet from the bottom to the top!!



That guy from Jersey!!!!!!!! Rockin the world!!!